Mass Grave Baptism

by DungeonCult

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released February 27, 2015

All songs written, performed and recorded by Jason Radzwilowicz



all rights reserved


DungeonCult Rock Springs, Wyoming

Brutal metal from Skinwalker Country.

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Track Name: Procession Of The Damned Through The Molten Gates Of The Infernal Abyss
Procession of The Damned
Through the molten gates
Of the infernal abyss
Track Name: Eater of Worlds
It delivered us to evil
With the thunderheads of doom
Blotted out the sun and sent us to our tombs
Choked life from our lungs, burned sight from our eyes
The nightmare had come and we knelt before the fire


Wastelands fertile with a poisoned species
Sick, molested dimension
Creatures driven by madness
They feed on the dying
Smash the skulls of the weak
Pathetic, twisted victims of the eater of worlds

Die! (Die, die, die!) (x4)

Devoured, rent asunder
We belong to the mutated beasts (x2)

Die! (Die, die, die!) (x3)

Devoured, rent asunder
We belong to the mutated beasts
Track Name: Necrobutcher
Ripping, rotting, bleeding, tortured, murdered, quartered, dead
The realm of the Necrobutcher
Indiscriminate murderer
Knee deep in rotting meat
Deluge of blood, flood of aggression
Adrenaline rush in the basement of slaughter
Psychopathic rampage in the home of the damned
The stench is unbearable

Vomit inducing nightmare rooms
Bloody slabs hanging on hooks
Cutting tables piled with gore
Intestines draped across the walls

Macabre menagerie
A showcase of guts
With a blood soaked apron, arms cradled, full of organs

Bloodshot, yellow eyes
Filled with rage and desire
He wants you as dead as he is
A butcher who can't stop butchering
Even in death, unrelenting, nightmare terrorist
He is the undead

He decapitates to satiate the bloodlust of the bloodless

A pungent broth of bile glazes the fetid floors of the oven hot slaughter tombs

Blistered and battered and tattered and torn
This is your last night before your skin is worn

A butcher who can't stop butchering
Even in death, unrepentant nightmare terrorist
He is the undead
Track Name: Hunted By Skinwalkers
Hunted by Skinwalkers (x8)
Blood everywhere
Splattered in the trees
Crime scene of a murderous breed
I see them as they feed greedily
They rend in their jaws the flesh of the living

Picking clean the bones of the nameless victims
Scattered, dismembered bodies all over the ground

They howl and screech as they feast on the meat
The horror, the horror that plays out before me
I feel a presence slither from behind
Creeping, dark and silent
Coal black pits for eyes
And I run for my life

Bullets cannot save me
Knives just make them angry
As prey, I only have flight but time is not on my side as they're closing in

They claw at my back
Hot breath on my neck
Teeth now sinking into my limbs

Spinal column's snapped
They overwhelm me
I'm trapped
In my final moments I have been

Hunted by Skinwalkers (x8)
Track Name: Bloodbath Massacre
Forged upon the wheel
A trial of stone and steel
Nourished by the bloodlust for the wars in the battle pit
Barbaric philosophy
Dismemberment, sodomy

Piling up bodies
Bloody phallus
Bloody sword
Corrupting bodies
Raping the murdered

Serpent overlords
Hell bound sorcerers
Pissed off witches from out in the wilderness
Shall feel the blade and spill their organs in the blood-soaked dirt
In a bloodbath masacre

Roaming amidst the wolves
On the barren plains of the Netherworld
Cowards beware!
He feasts on your weaknesses

Perverse, hardcore and ignorant
Takes as many into death
As can hands most belligerent

Putrid, bloody orgy
Of murder, mayhem, slaughter

The Da Vinci of gore
Steadfast in pursuit of horror

And when he descends on Doom
A serpent's empire will lay in ruin
His feast interrupted by the busy blades of a one ton barbarian